Make a Dent in Your Reading Pile

Reading PileI have a confession to make.  Until a few years ago…
I didn’t like to read.

In school, I often stressed over long reading assignments and I rarely ever read for pleasure.  Why?  Because I was a slow reader.

For me, slow reading had nothing to do with any difficulty decoding writing.  I actually learned to read quite early, and I never particularly struggled with the mechanics of the process.  I also didn’t have any problems with reading comprehension.  I made the Honor Roll nearly every semester and I graduated college with a 3.42 GPA.  It was just that reading just always seemed to take me SO MUCH TIME.  I felt secretly embarrassed ashamed that others could do the same about of reading I did in half the time.

This simple 3:36 instructional video changed everything.

It turns out my problem was that I had somehow learned the habit of reading at a speaking pace.  I would actually “say” the words in my head as I read them.  I never recognized I was doing it, and I didn’t know that most people (apparently) don’t.  I was not only able to break my slow reading habit, but I learned some excellent techniques for improving my reading overall.  What a difference!

As a reader and as a writer this has been one of the most valuable pieces of self-improvement I’ve ever done.

I now have stacks of titles in my “to be read” pile that I’m happily looking forward to reading.  Even if you’re comfortable with your own reading pace, I’d encourage you to consider investing the few minutes of your time to watch this video.

You may be surprised by the result.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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