On The Milking Of Bears

Boromir: One Does Not Simply Milk A Bear

One of my children recently asked the question, “Can you milk a bear?”

At first, this sounded like a funny thing to ask. Ridiculous, really. But funny as it was, the question wasn’t intended for laughs.  It was asked with a sincere desire to know the answer. Of course there’s quite a difference between “can” and “should” when it comes to something like the matter of milking bears. Even so, the boldness behind risking to ask the “unaskable” started me thinking.

At a certain point in life (for some reason we call this growing up) we tend lose touch with our childlike wonder of the world. We have responsibilities. We have deadlines. We have bills to pay. And soon we’re focusing so much on the tasks before us we begin to just accept things as they are instead of taking time to question why they are the way they are in the first place.  And whether they could be any different. Or whether, perhaps, they should be different.

So take a risk! Be bold! Think outside the box. Reclaim your childlike wonder, and ask the unaskable! See what happens. Who know? What if it turned out bear’s milk has an enzyme that cures cancer? It’s often the unaskable that has the potential to make all the difference. It can be a game changer. A life changer. A world changer.

So ask.

I’d love to know what you think.