Shizaru Undone: Rejection Letter (New Millenium Writings)

Nov. 5, 2009

Dear  John,

As one who often enters contests I know how it feels to send a piece of writing off and never hear back. So here’s a note to let you know you did well in the New Millennium Writings competition that had a final deadline of July 31, 2009. Although you didn’t win, you were one of the writers who made it to the next to final round of judging in our always competitive awards contests for poetry, fiction, short-short fiction and nonfiction. About 100 poems made it to the semi-final round and were selected from some 1,000 total poems. Read past winners at The quality in our contests is high, and you should be proud of your accomplishment. I am. Feel free to print this letter or email it to others.

In answer to frequently asked questions…

* “Shizaru Undone ” was the work that made it so far.

* Your strong showing does not disqualify you from re-entering your work or any other work unless they previously appeared in a book or magazine with over 5,000 circ.

* Works that have appeared only online are eligible too.

* Yes, you may enter in this contest (or any other contest as far as we’re concerned) as often as you like.

* If you’re interested in the next contest, which has a deadline of Nov. 17 (this may be extended once only), please visit to enter online, or follow guidelines below.

* Watch for your free book to arrive in about one year.

Mostly, though, I just want to congratulate you on your fine showing and express my appreciation for your interest in New Millennium Writings.


Don S. Williams

Don Williams, Editor and Publisher, New Millennium Writings

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