My Earliest Writing Memories

I freely admit that I am terrible at remembering many of the details of my own childhood.  There are reasons for this which continue to manifest themselves in the fiction and poetry I write.  Nevertheless, I DO recall my earliest writing memories.

It was back in the early 1980’s when I middle school and the Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street slasher-style movies series were just gaining in popularity.  Continue reading

Voices in My Head

Yes, I hear voices in my head.  I like them.  In fact, I hear them on purpose!

Allow me to explain.

When I was in middle school I never much enjoyed reading textbooks.  I was, and still am, easily distracted by *shiny things* and there was nothing very exciting or interesting in most textbooks to capture my attention.  Often when faced with a large reading assignment, my attention would wander before I had completed it.  The result was I wasted a lot of time rereading the sections I’d already *read*.  Very frustrating!

One day I stumbled on a great trick for managing my distractions Continue reading

Story Ideas: Trusting your instincts

(reposted from my private blog: Tuesday, April 3, 2007 – In response to The Aliens are Out to Get You!! from the YA highway on November 13th, 2009.)

After seeing a large bird circling over my old house last night, I went looking on-line for some pictures to confirm what kind it was.  As I suspected, it was a buzzard. While I was on-line I began searching images of other birds and on a whim searched on ‘rook’ for the book I’ve been writing.  Continue reading

YA Highway – Choosing a Genre

YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday Wednesdays mean ‘Roadtrip’ at YA Highway.  While the constraints of corporate life have prevented me very much lunchtime writing this week, I thought I’d squeeze in this quick post before heading into the weekend.

Click here to read this week’s YA Highway’s Roadtrip Wednesday post.

Let me begin by saying ‘My thoughts exactly!’ in response to a comment from Michelle Schusterman (YA Highway member) that it might be better to ask “how does your genre choose you?”

I’ve always felt that *trying* to write into a particular genre was a little like trying to write into a particular market.  Continue reading

A lovely rejection letter

Let’s face it, for any writer submitting their work for publication then rejection letters are inevitable.  However, it’s best to think of these letters as the really are – a part of the journey, not the end of the road.  With that in mind, I’d like to share an experience of my own I recently had along the way.

Back in July, I entered one of my poems, Shizaru Undone, in the New Millennium Writings summer poetry contest.  Continue reading

Six Word Stories

Thanks to @lilithsaintcrow I was recently introduced to six word stories.  The concept of the six word story has been around for some time, but it was new to me.  If you’ve never heard of the six word story click here for an introduction and some wonderful examples!

For today’s Wordly Wednesday I decided to try my hand at writing my own.  It was so much fun I wrote several, six to be exact, which seems somehow fitting.  Don’t you think?  I’m calling it my creative writing 6×6.  Continue reading

YA Highway – WIP into Haiku

YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday The writing folks at YA Highway have issued an invitation on their blog to turn your writing work-in-progress into a Haiku.  This was too much fun to resist (and who would want to?).  So here is mine!  Well, actually two of mine.  Since I am working on a series I’ve written one about the first book and one about the series as a whole.

Let me know what you think!

Book 1: Raven Academy

Boy finds he’s a part
of a world outside of time
and trouble’s brewing.

Citadel of Kidrodell

A world outside time,
Improving from our mistakes,
’Laws of Hist’ry’ win?


Do Not Stand Forward of Line While Bus is in Motion

For Christmas last year my wife bought me a copy of a The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises From Poets Who Teach.  It’s a collection of essays and exercises intended to challenge and inspire writers (not just poets) at all literary levels.  I’ve only recently begun to work my way through it.  Typically I can only make time to do this when the hopper managing my ‘free-time lottery’ kicks out the writing self-improvement ball.  Unfortunately, Continue reading

How writing poetry helps me write fiction

I am a stickler for words.  I’ve tried to pretend it’s not true, but it is.  For instance . . .

  • I hate it when people at the office chat over instant messaging in all lower case and and don’t bother to spell check. (NOT referring here to texting shorthand like ‘thx’ or ‘l8r’)
  • I cringe (just a little) when my 12YO says at the dinner table ‘Can I be excused?’, instead of ‘May I…’  (Of course she can, but whether or not I’ll let her is another matter.)
  • My hackles raise just a bit whenever anyone says to me ‘Why don’t you {fill in the blank}’.  (They’re not really asking me if I will do something; they’re asking me to tell them why I won’t.

I digress.

Often when I’m working on a story I find myself rewriting the same passages over and over again, trying to get the words just right.  Continue reading