I’m not a fan of movie trailers


Let’s consider for a moment that going to the movies is like going on a trip which in many ways it exactly what it is.

So, you’re planning to take this trip and it’s one you’ve really been looking forward to.  You’ve read or heard a little about where you’re going from people who’ve already been there just to whet your appetite.  Maybe some of your friends have even been recently and told you what a great time they had.  Okay, so now you’re really excited! Continue reading

Social networking websites: They’re sharing more than you think

I recently discovered something very surprising (perhaps even a little disturbing) while reading an article on Mashable about Twitter.  What I found, however, had nothing to do with Twitter or anything to do with the article itself.  What concerned me was what I saw in one of the advertisements.

I admit, as a Firefox user, one of my favorite Add-ons is one that suppresses advertisements so I never even see them rendered on the page.  This, however, was *technically* not an advertisement, so it showed up.  But before you assume this is another raving blog post about the scourge of intrusive on-line advertising, hogging bandwidth and cluttering up the Internet with stuff most people read around or closed as soon as they find and click on the ‘X’, let me assure you, this is not one of those. Continue reading

Powerful words

I’ve always believed words have much more power in them than most people are willing to give them credit.

With that in mind, I broke new personal ground today by starting my own Wordly Wednesday "thing" (how’s that for a use of words) on Twitter.  Search: #wrdw.  For starters, I’ll be taking an often misused word I hear during the week and crafting a Tweet about it.  I’m not sure how this will turn out or how long it will last.  Consider it an experiment.  My first #wrdw Tweet was this morning.  Go and have a look.  🙂

How ironic then that a coworker today posted these powerful words on his corporate blog. Unfortunately, they weren’t attributed so I can’t give proper credit. I wish they were mine, but they’re not. {sigh}  Anyway, here they are:

Watch your thoughts, they become your words.

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

There’s nothing more to say.