Response: DOJ’s latest filing in the Google Book Settlement

Read this first to get caught up on the latest news, then come back here.

With regards to the Google Book Settlement what concerns me about any future negotiation which still allows for an “opt-out” clause is the precedent this will set for future uses of copyrighted material by entities other than Google. This would put the burden on the copyright holder to monitor the world stage for any and all possible declarations of intent to use their protected material in order for the copyright holder to ensure they have opted-out.
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The Best Book No One’s Ever Heard Of

Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur This week’s YA Highway – Road Trip Wednesday is about The Best Book No One’s Ever Heard Of.  I’m a bit late, but after commenting on the site I decided to post this to my blog too.

I could probably recommend plenty, but the one I went with is Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur.  I chose this one because I thought it had gone out of print, but I found it’s listed right now on Amazon.  It’s also has apparently gone through several covers since I read it on its initial publication.  Anyway, it’s not so likely no one’s ever heard of it.  Nevertheless, here are my thoughts.


I read Wisdom Hunter more than 15 years ago, but I still remember how much it impacted me.  It was recommended to me by a good friend and so I decided to read it sight unseen. I don’t like movie trailers (and other spoilers) so I value the recommendation of someone I trust over product marketers trying to convince me of what I’ll like. I loved it.

This is a story about journey.

It opens with a pregnant young woman, disowned by her father, a conservative, legalistic pastor and a real a$$hole – Jason Faircloth. She tragically dies in childbirth in a traffic jam, but her baby girl survives and is raised the baby’s father (I can’t recall if the two were married), who subsequently takes the baby and moves away. Jason is completely unaware this has happened.

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Dreaming Out Loud

I know at times I’m a terrible dreamer.

Some days this is more true than others.  On my good days that inner voice, the one that tells me I need to stay grounded in reality and not let myself get too far ahead of what I can “see”, is just a quiet whisper on the breeze.  On my bad days that voice is like thunder.  And on those in-between days, which can seem as infrequent as leap year or a blue moon, the coast is clear without a cloud in the sky and I can see all the way out to the edge of the horizon (and perhaps a bit beyond it).

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A life lesson for the New Year from a squirrel

SquirrelI don’t pretend to know very much about squirrels.

I don’t know how they remember where they bury their nuts, I don’t know how they socialize, and I don’t know how they stay warm and dry every winter in the large leaf nests they build in the upper branches of our trees, so I didn’t really know what to think about the recent small gathering of squirrels in our back yard.  Continue reading

Some things need never change

Historic Artcraft Theatre

As the calendar year draws to a close it’s a time many reminisce about the past year and years past. I’ve found myself doing the same. In fact I seem lately to be spending more and more time thinking about the way things are, how they got that way and how things might have been different under different circumstances. Continue reading

An everyday hearing loss “Hero”

Hearing Loss Magazine November/December 2009Deanne Bray is a successful television actress who also happens to live with severe hearing loss.  Here she is featured in the November/December issue of Hearing Loss Magazine.

Living with a spouse and son who are hearing impaired it’s always encouraging to see others like them portrayed in a positive light!

Click HERE to read the article to learn more about Deanne’s career, her experiences living with hearing loss, and a bit about her current role as Emma Coolidge on NBC’s Heroes.

You can also visit Hearing Loss Association of America website to learn more!

Having WORDS with Sprint WebCapTel

The importance of the words we use in everyday communication could hardly be understated.  While body language, context, vocal intonation, pitch, etc. are significant factors in interpreting intended or implied meaning, the words themselves are the common-language root of our vocal communication.  For people in the hearing impaired and Hard of Hearing (HOH) community, however, understanding spoken words can be a constant challenge.  While they may get the gist of what someone else is saying, much of the nuance, and at times the actual content of the message, can be lost in translation. Continue reading