Scribbling for the Sound of it

I came across a link today (via K.M Weiland) to a post on AuthorCulture with a fun challenge to write a sentence illustrating redundancy.  I played around with the idea today while multi-tasking, in true IT fashion.  What I finally came up with ended up more like a tongue-twister than a redundant sentence, but once I began to hear it in my head I stopped thinking about redundancy and was struck simply by the way it sounded.

In my recent fiction writing efforts I had forgotten how much fun words can be, not just for their precision, but simply for their sound.

I’ve posted the sentence I wrote below along with a challenge of my own.

“He knew he didn’t know what he didn’t know, but knowing he didn’t know it didn’t mean he didn’t need it and he knew he needed it more than he needed to know it.”

Okay.  Now it’s your turn!

The challenge:

Using alliteration or assonance, or both, craft a sentence that’s simply fun to hear.  Write something, anything!  Don’t worry if it makes sense (think Dr. Seuss if that helps), as long as it sounds interesting then post it in the comments if you’d like to share.

As for me, I’ve started hearing all my neglected poetry calling out for me to come and play this weekend.

Maybe I will . . . it sounds like fun!

A lovely rejection letter

Let’s face it, for any writer submitting their work for publication then rejection letters are inevitable.  However, it’s best to think of these letters as the really are – a part of the journey, not the end of the road.  With that in mind, I’d like to share an experience of my own I recently had along the way.

Back in July, I entered one of my poems, Shizaru Undone, in the New Millennium Writings summer poetry contest.  Continue reading

It’s National Poetry Day

I’m home caring for a flu-ridden family today, but thanks to Twitter (and @heatherwpetty). I learned that today is National Poetry Day!

I blogged earlier this week that when I’m writing fiction and caught up in word dissection, I find switching to formal poetry helps me to get it out of my system.  It also leaves me with some new poetry.  So in the spirit of National Poetry Day I’ve decided I’d share some of my poetry here.

Your comments are welcome, just remember . . . I’m a poetry amateur so be gentle if you must be brutal!


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