The KidLit Network: First Contributor Post!

John Rea-Hedrick: KidLit NetworkIn November of this year a new website was launched, called the KidLit Network.  This site focuses on children’s literature and features news and articles for readers and writers alike, including book reviews, crafts, interviews, a book club, and more!

KidLit Network was co-founded by two of the original founders of YA Highway, a popular book blog focusing on young adult literature.  I got connected with YA Highway in their early days and was recently asked to become a contributing member of the new KidLit Network.

I jumped at the chance!

Since then, I’ve also been happily helping out with some of the “behind the scenes” aspects of WordPress blog management like setting up the RSS feed, solving technical problems, and doing various other administrative functions.  *waves geek flag*

Yesterday, I shared my first contributor post: Invite Your Characters Over For Dinner under the ‘Writing” channel.  (Yay!)  I’d like to invite you to stop by and to share your thoughts!  And while you’re there, do a little channel surfing on the rest of the site.

We’re new, but we’re growing!  We’d love to have you along for the ride!

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  1. The KidLit Network: First Contributor Post!: via @JReaHedrick

  2. RT @TeresaRobeson: The KidLit Network: First Contributor Post!: via @JReaHedrick

  3. Yayy, so glad you joined, John! And thank you SO much for all the tech help, too!

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