Ollie Has Left the Building

Ollie Octopus

That’s right! I’ve completed the final revisions to my story, “OLLIE’S TREASURE”.  Ollie is now safely on his way to possible publication destinations unknown.  Okay, I know Ollie’s destination, but whether or not he will be welcomed with open print space when he arrives is another story.

Sending my first short story manuscript out into the world was a little scary.  It’s silly I know, but scary none the less.  Once I’d decided it was finished, I found I kept obsessing over my words each time I picked it up.  I’d change a verb here, and adverb there, or perhaps change the word order.  Nothing major.  But with each change I felt sure the story was better.  Each time I told myself “I am so glad I didn’t sent it out like it was yesterday“.  Then tomorrow would inevitably become today, and today would become inevitably yesterday.  I’d look at the story again.  I’d change something else.  Something small.  Or several somethings.  Then I tell myself “I’m so glad I didn’t sent this out like it was yesterday.”

This process went on for about ten days straight.  Really.  I finally realized the story wasn’t actually getting any better.  I knew I could look that story every day for a year and find some little change I could make.  But, if I did that the story would never see the world outside my house.

Ollie deserved better than that.

And so, Ollie is gone.  I kissed him goodbye today (yes, literally) and pushed him out of the nest.  I hope he will fly.  Not that I really think an octopus can fly.  Although that would really be something to see.  And for now, that’s all I can do – just wait and see.

Thanks to those who took the time to read and comment on this story.  

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  1. Aww, congrats to you and Ollie! I’m the exact same way with my fiction. But at some point it’s got to get out there!

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